Urban Survival Products- Paracord bracelet update

Posted: February 22, 2012 in Products, Urban Survival
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Paracord Bracelet

**Update:  I was in the Christmas Tree Shop recently. Yes, I shop at the Christmas Tree Shop- a real man will admit it!  While there I came across paracord bracelets for $2.99.  They claim to be made of 550 paracord and there were several colors and sizes available.  I didn’t buy one so I can’t show you here but if you have a Christmas Tree shop near you, stop by and check them out yourself.  While you’re there you can pick up one of those nifty paper-mache garden gnomes.

These bracelets are all the rage with the survival crowd.  They are made with 550 paracord which is rated to be able to hold at least 550 pounds.  The intent is to unravel them and use the paracord in an emergency.  What is surprising about them is the length of cord that can be all wrapped up in a bracelet.  The one I am modeling here is made up of two pieces of paracord one approximately 9 feet and another that is 2 and a half feet.

You can buy these already made for about $30.00 on the internet or make your own.  I gave it a shot and made my own.  The materials cost me about $3.00 and it took me about 20 minutes.  I also made a fastening knot at the end that fit much better than the simple knots that most instructions illustrate.  You can buy a small clip assembly if you wish and it will  close more flush to your wrist.

Paracord bracelet

Here is the link to the site that had instructions on how to make the cobra weave bracelet you see here.  Give it a try!


  1. InnerWarriorMA says:

    I love these things, and people have gotten so creative with their paracord weaving. I have seen some water bottle covers, grips made on walking sticks, and tons of different bracelets. Never a bad idea to carry some extra cord. Especially when its so easy and fun to do.

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