Martial Arts vs Self Defense… true or fake?

  1. Im pretty sure this is all staged. I like capoeria(sp?) as much as anyone, but it definately would not be what I would use for self defense.

    • Agreed….. I, like most of my friends, took the time to slow the video down and saw some interesting staging and camera angle tricks. Goes to show you that even watching TruTV you still have to be a vigilant consumer of information. I wonder if they named it TruTV instead of TRUE-TV so they could avoid lawsuits regarding what they purport to be reality TV but is really fake?

      I thought about the techniques demonstrated in the clip and your mantra of moving forward. He would have had a bad time had the tow truck driver moved forward on him.

      Thanks for the comment!

  2. Ted Folkman Sr. says:

    It’s all in the editing. You can’t believe anything that has “reality show” attached to it. Only the producers know the outcome.

    • Yes Ted…… you guys have experience in this. Glad to here the truth about reality shows. The problem I have with reality shows that teach survival is that some people will use them as learning tools. What usually happens is that people learn just enough to get themselves hurt 🙂

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