Survival tips from Bruce

Don’t think you can use your drip coffee maker during a blackout?  You can… if you still have cooking gas.  Simply fill your drip coffee maker with coffee as you normally do then boil same amount water on the stove.  Pour the boiled water over the coffee grinds and….. enjoy your morning cup of coffee.

Need some quick recipes?  Try these: The mighty Ramen, the incredible egg, what’s a matzoh with you

Lost cable in a storm?  If you have a newer TV, you can buy a pair of rabbit-ear antenna from the dollar store and your TV will pick up local channels.  Just remember to change the settings on your TV from cable to antenna.

Keep a few instant cold packs (usually intended for first aid) around.  If you need to travel and need to keep something cool using one of these works great in a pinch!  The larger ones can keep something cold for over 8 hours in an insulated container.  After you are done you can just throw them away.

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  1. Jill says:

    I am so excited about your blog and look forward to the posts!!!! Congrats to you and best wishes.

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